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 ‘Light the World’ Donation Leads to Creation of New Branch in Notsé, Togo

Church leaders work with Traditional leaders to help grow the Church in Togo

The Branch Presidency in the newly created Notsé Branch. Left to Right: Timothy Atchavi, first counselor, Kedagni Fovi, second counselor, and Pascal Kodjo Adokou, Branch President. 24 March 20242024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

In December 2023, leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Togo felt prompted to donate food to the community of Notse as part of the Africa West Area’s ‘Light the World’ program. Notsé was chosen because of its historical significance in Togo.  It is the cradle of the Ewe people and still has a King who is recognized as such by the Ewe people and their diasporas in the south of three countries: Benin, Togo, and Ghana. The current King is Togbe Agokoli IV.

On 9 December, a food donation was handed over to the King and his assistant and spokesperson, Togbe Afanwubo III.  The spokesperson said of the offering, “This is the first time that I have seen a church which was not yet establish in our community, making such a donation to the people.” He expressed his appreciation for the Light the World initiative and thanked the Church for bringing the light of Christ to the widows and orphans at Christmas.

“I also strongly encourage and invite your church to be established in Notsé in the near future.  I would ask your church leaders to begin looking for land for a church building,” said Togbe Afanwubo III.

At the time there was no official congregation of the Church, but the community was already being prepared.  It all began in April 2023 when a young couple, Pascal and Fanny Adokou, who had just returned from their missions, got married. They then moved to Notsé as part of the young man's work as a Community Manager.

With the permission of their Bishop, Kotiko Narcisse of the Be-Kpota Ward, and their Stake President, Kouegan Anani of the Lome Togo Be Stake, the young couple were able to organize the sacrament at home, and eventually set up a church group in the Notsé community.  With the assistance of missionaries from the Benin Cotonou Mission, the Adouko family began teaching missionary lessons to members of the community and many were baptized.

On 24 March 2024, the Notse Branch was organized.  Presiding at the creation of the branch was President Kelly Lundeen of the Benin Cotonou Mission, assisted by his counselor, President Amegandji Comlan.  Attending the meeting was the King’s special representative, Togbe Afanwubo III, who helped make the branch creation possible.

Following the organization of the branch, brother Adokou Kodjo Pascal was called and set apart by the mission president as president of the Notsé  branch.  The saints in Notsé then witnessed the ordination of their very first Melchizedek priesthood holders. Brother Thimothée Atchavi was first ordained an elder and was followed by brother Fovi Kedagni.  These brothers were then called and set apart as the first and second counselors in the branch presidency.

“A new page in the history of the Church in Togo is being written with the creation of this Notse branch," noted President Amegandji Comlan.

“March is a period full of blessings to me. A baby boy was given to me at the beginning of the month, we got a building for our brothers and sisters in Notsé and now we've become a branch! God is always on my side!” exclaimed President Adokou Pascal.

Isaac Valentin, an investigator of the Church attending the meeting said, “It’s a good thing to know that this church that I have visited as a young boy in Lome is now available in Notsé.  We are not going to stop participating after the branch creation ceremony, but we will keep on coming to the church until we become a full-time member.”  

Despite the blazing sun and intense 35°C heat of the day, all participants in the ceremony stayed until the group photo. President Lundeen and his counselor Amegandji spent time teaching the new presidency how to lead in the Lord's way. With joy and fellowship, the members, friends, and missionaries departed, leaving with eager hearts to meet again on Sunday for a sacrament meeting with the newly called leaders.

Church History Specialist in Togo, Gaston K. Tozo noted of the occasion,” The church has thus started its expansion across the whole country. We can say with faith and certainty that the stone which the prophet Daniel saw loosened without the help of any hand, and which broke on iron and brass before filling the surface of the earth, will also go to all the towns, villages, and hamlets of our dear country Togo.”

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