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Apostles Join the Africa West Area Presidency in Visit to Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria

Elder David A. Bednar, Elder Patrick Kearon and Elder Carlos A. Godoy visit Muslim leaders at the Abuja National Mosque

Elder David A. Bednar (left) and Elder Patrick Kearon in Lagos Nigeria. 17 February 20242024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

On February 17-19, 2024, Elders David A. Bednar and Patrick Kearon of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, along with Elder Carlos A. Godoy of the Presidency of the Seventy, visited Nigeria. The Church leaders met with area leaders, missionaries, young single adults, members of the Church, and interfaith leaders during their three-day visit.

Joining the Church leaders were Sister Susan Bednar, Sister Jennifer Kearon and Sister Monica Godoy. They were also joined by the presidency of the Africa West Area, Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, a General Authority Seventy and President of the Africa West Area, and his Counselors Elder Jorg Klebingat, a General Authority Seventy, Sister Julia Klebingat, and Alfred Kyungu, also a General Authority Seventy.

After arriving on February 16, the Church leaders met with the missionaries from the Lagos Nigeria Mission at the Ikeja Stake Center. They were joined by the Africa West Area presidency and President Mathias N. Niambe and Sister Clemence Niambe, mission leaders in Lagos. 

On February 17, Elder Bednar, Elder Kearon and Elder Godoy, accompanied by the Africa West Area presidency, held a area instruction meeting at the Ikeja Stake Center.  Attending were all the stake presidents, mission leaders and Area Seventies in the nine coordinating councils in Nigeria.

Sister Bednar, Sister Kearon, Sister Godoy, and Sister Klebingat held two leadership trainings on the 17th, first with the Relief Society leaders of the Church in the Lagos area, and second with the Primary and Young Women leaders. 

That afternoon the Church leaders held a special young single adult Devotional in Lagos. This meeting was streamed throughout the Africa West Area allowing thousands of young adults to hear the words of the apostles.

On February 18, the leaders attended special stake conferences at the Lagos Nigeria Ikeja Stake and the Lagos Nigeria Agege Stake. They also held a special meeting with all the Area Seventies in Nigeria.

In Abuja they met with the missionaries of the recently created Abuja Nigeria Mission. They were joined there by President Dennis Ocansey and Sister Rita Ocansey, mission leaders in the Abuja Mission. Following the meeting with the missionaries they visited Abuja National Mosque. They were greeted there by the Imam of the National Mosque, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmad Maqari, who provided a tour of the mosque.

Nigeria was the first country visited by Elder Bednar, Elder Kearon, and Elder Godoy, on their 10-day visit to the Africa West Area. They will also visit Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to thrive in Nigeria. In the 45 years since the first baptisms, the Church has grown to over 230,000 members meeting in 811 congregations. The Church has 71 stakes in Nigeria with one temple operation, the Aba Temple, and four other temples announced.

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