News Release

Church Donates Benches to Local School in Abuja Nigeria

An Answer to Prayers of School Staff

President Ifeanyi Harrison Agiriga of the Abuja Nigeria Kubwa Stake was excited to receive new benches in the Bwari chapel, but he wondered what to do with the old benches that were being replaced.  They were in good condition, and he believed they could still be useful to an organization in the Bwari community.  He contacted Brother Emeka Osuji, the facility manager for the Church in Abuja, and asked if there was someone who might be able to use the benches.  Brother Osuji suggested the J.S.S. Nomadic Secondary School in Bwari.

Bishop Edison Elemuo of the Bwari 1st Ward contacted the school and asked if they could use the benches.  For the Principal and teachers of the school, this was an answer to their prayers.  The school staff had been worried for some time because of the poor condition of the school.  They had gone to the government but were unable secure the funds to make improvements.  They had prayed and hoped for a good Samaritan to come to the aid of the school and its students.  After Bishop Elemuo contacted them and identified the need, he made the arrangements to have the benches delivered.

On April 5, 2023, President Agiriga and Bishop Elemuo met with the school staff and students as the benches were delivered.  They were very grateful for the thoughtful gesture of the Church.  “This is love in action,” said the school Principal Oyekammi Isaac Idowu.  “We are grateful that our prayers have been answered by those who do as Jesus taught.”  He then promised to come and worship with the Bwari ward to show his gratitude.     

As President Agiriga and Bishop Elemuo met with the students at the school, their hearts were full of gratitude for the opportunity to bless the lives of these students and their community with this donation. “We recognized how important these benches were to the learning of the students.  We were touched by the children’s gratitude for this gift from the Church”

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