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Church Members in Tema Celebrate Ghanaian Culture

Scores of Ghanaians in Tema enjoyed wholesome cultural activities – music, dance and indigenous food – as they celebrated their culture. 

The annual event, which portrays Ghanaian culture and exhibits its diverse array of tradition, was held Oct. 19 at the Tema Stake center (a stake is a group of Latter-day Saint congregations, similar to a diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

“This is an example of how members of the Church and their friends can be involved in uplifting community activities,” said President Charles K. Ajeigbe, a counselor in the Tema Stake presidency. “Participants in this kind of cultural event get to appreciate the rich cultures of the different people and tribes that surround them.”

The highlight of the event was a cultural dance competition among local members of the Church. While respecting the traditions and the originality of Ghanaian dance costumes, Church members ensured the modesty of these costumes through innovation and careful planning.

Groups from each of the twelve congregations in the Tema Stake presented traditional dances. The Tema Third Ward (a ward is a local Latter-day Saint congregation), whose members performed the Otofo dance, won first place in the friendly competition. The Adjei-Kojo Ward with the Borborbor dance and the Lebanon Ward with the Gome dance placed second and third respectively.  

The entertainment also included a musical production and a drama entitled “Be Strong and Steadfast in the Faith” performed by the youth, and songs performed by Latter-day Saint children ages 4-12.

To add international flavor to the event, some Nigerian Church members of the Tema stake also brought indigenous Nigerian dishes.

In addition to the cultural events, Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi, a Ghanaian medical doctor who served as a Church Area Seventy (a senior leader in the Church), and his wife shared the history of the early Latter-day Saints in Ghana. Children joined them in this presentation titled “By the Fireside.” The senior couple commended the early Ghanaian pioneers for their dedicated service through thick and thin.

“Come next year, there will yet be another improved version of this event,” President Ajeigbe said at the end of the celebration. “It has come to stay and will continue to bind our members, friends and their families together.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages its members to plan and participate in cultural events and to share their creative talents with their communities in uplifting and wholesome ways. Plays, dances, music festivals, talent shows and choral performances are among the favorite activities enjoyed in Church congregations throughout the world.

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