News Release

Church of Jesus Christ Builds Classrooms and Latrine Facility for Public School in Liberia

Wein Town Public School also receives 400-armed desk chairs during donation ceremony

On 15 February 2024, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated a new classroom building with five rooms, a modern latrine facility, and 400-armed desk chairs to the Wein Town Public School in Liberia.  The Church also did renovations on the existing classrooms with full electrical work and painting.

In addition, the Church constructed a bridge leading to the school campus.   The bridge was built in a place that previously had been a great hazard to the students and community members.  During the rainy season the area would flood, and the children would have to walk through the water to come to school and return home.  The principal of the school, Joseph Weatu, said that many children fell in the water and that it was a serious threat to health and life.  Now that the bridge is constructed, it will give great relief to the students and the community.

The dedication ceremony took place on the school campus and was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Education, the PTA network of Liberia, school administrators, and school students. Representing the Church were Elder Lee Trapani and Sister Cheryl Trapani, humanitarian missionaries for the Church in Liberia.

David Boakai, the County Education Officer, noted that the school had suffered for years due to lack of classroom space. “There wasn’t enough room to contain the huge number of students attending the school,” he said. 

Boakai also noted that the school had sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening to accommodate the large number of students who wanted to attend. “During the morning session there were sometimes over 100 students in each classroom,” said Bokai.

He thanked the Church for the service they have rendered to Liberians and humanity and implored the administration and the PTA to maintain the property properly as a way of showing gratitude to the Church for the donation.

Principal Weatu applauded the Church for coming to the aid of the institution. “The school has struggled to maintain the most basic standards. It was founded in 1973 and it looks that good today,” he said.  “We have been pleading for aid to no avail until the Church came in.  They continued to provide when they saw the deplorable state of the school.  They really went the extra mile.”

" I hope you like the new facility and other things given you today.  Members of the church all over the world gave their money to help other countries. The things that Wein Town Public School has now are because of those donations,” said Elder Lee Trapani.  “The Church made this donation so this school can serve students for many years to come.  Please take care of these buildings.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has 22,000 members in Liberia meeting in 75 congregations. 

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