News Release

Former Ghana President Visits Africa West Area Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Headquarters

On February 6, 2020, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hosted former Ghana President John Dramani Mahama and his entourage, including Mr Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Dr Ekow Spio-Garbrah Former Trade Minister and Former Ghana Ambassador to USA, Madam Sherry Ayittey, NDC National vice chairperson, Hon. Emmanuel Bedzrah, MP for Ho West and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, Hon. Helen Adjoa Ntoso, Member of Parliament – Krachie West Constituency, Hon. Joseph Kobina Ade Coker, Greater Accra NDC Chairman et al. Elder Marcus B. Nash, Africa West Area president of the Church, along with his counselors, Elders Edward Dube and Hugo E. Martinez hosted the visit.


Elder Nash told His Excellency Mahama that the Church sees itself as a good citizen of Ghana and want to help the people economically and spiritually. He also stated that he knows Ghanaians are good, faithful and noble people. He also invited His Excellency to visit one of our churches anytime he would like to. Elder Nash spoke about families and said that Ghana will only be as strong as their families. He complimented His Excellency on his strong character.


Former president, His Excellency Mahama, said he was very impressed with the Church. After passing by the temple and Church grounds for many years; this is his first time visiting. After seeing the beauty of the premises and the peaceful nature, he said “…God must certainly live here.”


His Excellency also said, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a key stakeholder when it comes to the religious community.” He then told Elder Nash that the Church can be partners in progress for the country. He stated that the Church is working the way the Lord wants us to by not being recognized for many of its efforts. His Excellency stated a few of the concerns he has for the country of Ghana and asked Elder Nash to have the Church pray for the people of Ghana. Elder Nash said we will pray for the country and he also stated that “the Lord knows about Ghana.”


Elder Nash asked His Excellency if there was something the Church could do for the people. His Excellency asked the Church to help with the skills upscale and increase our footprint to teach young people educational purposes. He stated that the priority in education should be quality.


After their meeting, His Excellency toured the Church grounds. They visited the temple where Elder Nash talked about the sacred ordinances performed in the temple and the blessing the temple is in the lives of the Church members as well as those who have passed away.


The visit also included a tour of the Missionary Training Center (MTC) where President Paul Craig, the new Ghana MTC president, explained the MTC’s program of instruction for the missionaries. President Craig said, “There are 122 new missionaries arriving at the MTC today and tomorrow and will be for missions throughout Africa.” The tour was concluded with a lunch.


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