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Rich Ghanaian Culture Displayed At 2nd Edition of Ghana Month

Tou Zaafi, Kokonte featured

Employees of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Africa West Area Office Complex, have participated in a colorful “wear Ghana; eat Ghana” activity in Accra. Employees who were dressed in colorful Ghanaian apparel representing the sixteen regions of the country were treated to delicious Ghanaian dishes such as fufu and Ebunebunu, Ga Kenkey, Konkonte and Groundnut soup among others.

Ghana Month an annual programme spearheaded by the Human Resource Department, seeks to encourage employees to exhibit the rich Ghanaian culture through fashion.  

In 2018, the month of March was designated by government as the “Wear Ghana Month”; a move which seeks to encourage Ghanaians to be nationalistic by promoting locally made clothes and food. 

The celebration is an add on to similar government initiatives such as the “National Friday Wear Programme” launched in 2004 to project the unique Ghanaian identity through the extensive use of local fabric and designs as business wear.  

Ghana is one of the West African Countries which prides itself in rich cultural heritage. The country can boast of material cultural monuments which include buildings of traditional Ghanaian architecture and decor, such as the Asante Traditional Buildings, the European-built Forts and Castles, and other colonial-era buildings.

The movable cultural heritage includes artefacts such as pots, stools, musical instruments, textiles, clothing, leather works, weapons, tools, carvings, masks and jewellery.

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