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The Strength of the Youth in Ghana

More than 600 young members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ages 14-18, spent five days at the Okuapemman School near the city of Akropon Akuapem, participating in the first “For the Strength of Youth” conference in Ghana.

Themed “Come unto Christ,” the youth event took place during school vacation when the school campus was available to house the young men and young women, counselors and leaders from many Latter-day Saint congregations in Accra and its surrounding communities.

Classes, inspiring talks and activities all contributed to promoting unity and teamwork as well as reinforcing important doctrines and principles of the Church, which helped strengthen those who attended. 

During the conference, 10 to 12 youth were assigned to each counselor and then group names and group scriptures were chosen. Jessica Addo, one of the youth participants, said her group chose “Humility” as their name.

“We stand for humility,” Jessica said.  “It is a sign of strength.  When others hear our name, we want them to think of our standards, our principles, and that we follow Jesus Christ always.”

Groups were encouraged to make commitments in physical, mental, social, and spiritual areas. A follow-up activity, called “Taking It Home,” reminded participants to do their part in keeping their commitments and helping other members of the group to keep theirs.

When asked what they were enjoying about the conference, many participants mentioned the opportunity to meet new friends, a favorite class, uplifting talks, and helpful instruction from speakers.

LeGrand R. Curtis, senior leader of the Church in the West Africa area, encouraged the young men and women to become better acquainted with Christ, pointing out the areas which need the most concentration, such as scripture study, attending church and seminary, praying and repenting.

Raymond Egbo, session co-director, taught the youth about the importance of dressing modestly, acting wisely and using appropriate words and actions at all times, knowing that friends closely watch the choices they make and the way they live.

“We assembled a vast youthful army of Christ – six hundred strong – and filled them with a wonderful resolve to choose the right always,” said Egbo, reflecting on his experience during the conference.

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