News Release

Clean Water for Myohaung Barracks Hospital

LDS Charities Provides Relief for Military Hospital

Lawson Agbetty, a nurse at Myohaung Military Hospital, has struggled with clean and adequate water issues for 25 years. When drought left his workplace with a critical water shortage, Lawson approached LDS Charities to provide relief for the hospital and its patients.  LDS Charities is the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 


Military, religious and government leaders met with hospital staff on May 5, 2017 to witness the presentation of a Certificate of Donation from LDS Charities to Major Eric Ametame, 2nd in Command of Myohaung Military Hospital.

"The problem has plagued us for many years,” said Major Ametame. “Due to the borehole completed by your Church, this facility will now enjoy an abundant, uninterrupted water supply. Truly this is a blessing from God.”  

Extended drought in the area had caused the military hospital's water sources to fail. Water was being trucked to storage tanks which lead to shortage and contamination.

To improve the situation, a local contractor was engaged to find safe water. The new well was drilled to a depth of 75 meters.

"Clean water sustains life.” said Bishop Agbattey, a local leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Thanks to the project completed by LDS Charities, the hospital can operate without interruption and peoples’ lives are being saved.” 

For more than two decades, the Church has been involved in clean water projects in more than 100 countries. In Africa, these projects have blessed the lives of more than five million people by providing wells, water storage, purification and delivery systems.

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