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Latter-day Saints Donate to Save Lives

Central Region Church Members Serve Others

Latter-day Saints from the Yamoransa Stake (similar to a diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared a part of themselves through donating blood to those in need.  The donation occurred on May 6, at the Saltpond Municipal Hospital Blood Bank located in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to Mr. Richard Odoom, a senior laboratory technician, the Saltpond Municipal Hospital has not received blood donations from volunteers for more than a year.

“We depend largely on relatives of patients to donate blood.” he said. “This exercise with your church has been my pleasure to observe. You have eased the burden of people who are usually at the mercy of time when blood is not readily available in their time of need.”


Members from the Church donated 15 units of blood to the hospital’s blood bank.

“Members of your Church are not only saving patients at Saltpond unit, but others far from here” said Mr. Takyi, a laboratory technician.  “We are often called on to send our reserves to other hospitals upon urgent request. What a blessing you are today.”

Donor Francis Incoom remarked, “Before I have donated blood for my wife. Today I see that just as she needs me, others need me as well - not just my family or friends, but others I may not know.”

Brother Ayikpa Horve said “it’s my first time donating blood, but I think it is a blessing to save the life of others. I wish I could donate more today”.

First time donor Sister Georgette Muss agreed, “Blood donation is an exercise of faith. I can save the lives of others by exercising my faith. I am blessed with good health. My blood can give life to those in need.”

Though membership of the Church is small in the area surrounding Saltpond, Ghana, local followers enthusiastically supported the humanitarian effort. The number of volunteers attending the blood donation exercise exceeded expectation.                                                                                               

“As Latter-day Saints we not only trust in the Savior, Jesus Christ, we try to follow His footsteps” remarked President Frank Bobby Davies, of Yamoransa Ghana Stake. “We each have the duty to share our lives as our Savior Jesus Christ exemplified.”

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