News Release

LDS Charities Provides Relief to Buduburam Refugee Camp

Health care given to people living in the Buduburam Refugee Camp of the Greater Accra Region, improved dramatically due to equipment donations made by LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

St. Gregory Catholic Hospital had a critical need for newborn monitors in the Maternity and Labor Ward. LDS charities provided two baby warmers and fetal Doppler monitors, The Head Nurse/Midwife expressed gratitude saying, this equipment "is a blessing for the infants and to the mothers whose babies are struggling. We really appreciate what you have brought to us. Mat God bless you!"


The Church also donated an anesthesia machine for the surgery theatre. The instrument assists the anesthetist and surgeon provide better care of a surgery patient. In addition, lab equipment was donated which provides quicker lab results, resulting in better patient care. Previously, all lab work was sent out for analysis and patients had to travel to Accra for many tests.

Stephen Takyi-Ansah, the Director from Catholic Health Services gave thanks to LDS Charities for the donation. He was initially shocked that a church would donate such a large amount of equipment to the hospital. “There has been a very long wait for this type of equipment at St. Gregory Hospital. We will take very good care of it. This has been an answer to our prayers”, he said.  

In addition to the medical equipment, classroom furniture was provided to Matthew Cares Foundation School in Buduburam. Matthew Davis recognized the need to educate children who couldn’t afford to pay fees to attend school. He located a building to house the school, but it needed extensive remodeling. After initial repair work, there was need for desks. LDS Charities filled that need by providing 52 student desks. The desks were of local design and construction, providing employment for the local carpentry shop in the community.  Matthew said, “We appreciate the wonderful gift you have given us. We are grateful your Church has given the children a hope for an education”. Children joyously welcomed the desks and quickly settled down to intense study.

Alvin Nay, Humanitarian Specialist for LDS Charities explained, “When we first came to this site, there were holes in the ceilings and walls. Matthew arranged for volunteers to restore the school to an acceptable level. When people come to LDS Charities with a project, we look for someone who is strong and sustainable. Matthew was determined to make this project work whether we helped or not. He has exceeded our expectations”. Fifty students currently attend school during the day. Thirty Five adults utilize the building at night for literacy studies. Mr. Davis remarked how amazing it is to see someone who can finally read and write.

Alex Tandoh, from the Kasoa Stake Presidency (a group of congregations) expressed his feelings about the donations provided to the members of the Buduburam community. “These children will now have the opportunity to be contributors in society. Avenues will continue to open to them which otherwise would have been closed. We are told in the scriptures to help the weak. May the Lord bless us to find ways to serve them.”

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