News Release

Not a Drop at Mallam-Atta Health Clinic

LDS Charities Replaces Leaking Roof on Health Clinic

Mallam-Atta Government Clinic was the recipient of a much-needed roof donated by LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With each rainstorm, patients and their beds had to be moved to avoid becoming wet from the rainwater coming through the roof. Buckets were used in the building to catch the rain. Ceilings in several of the examination rooms were in danger of collapsing due to water damage. 


Florence Owusu-Amoah, principal nurse at the facility, said, “When it rained, our facility was leaking like a sieve under water. It was hectic. We appealed, we reported left and right, help was not coming from anywhere.”

Representatives of LDS Charities visited the hospital, understood the apparent need, and immediately started the project to repair the ceilings and put a new roof on the structure.

Nurse Florence continued, “You coming in is like a big weight off our shoulders. Last week when it rained we all opened our eyes to see if we would get even a drop inside. By the grace of God, not a drop. Not even one drop! May God bless the golden hands that touched this roof!”

Dr. George Mensah, Metro Director of Health Services, thanked LDS Charities for their support and donation. He said, “After several attempts had been made to get the roof fixed, it had not been forthcoming. It was affecting everything in this clinic. LDS Charities coming in to fix the roof was a wonderful blessing for us. We cannot say more than thank you. Thank you very, very much. It has made a big impact on our patients, our staff and on the facility.”

In addition to the roof, new items were donated to the clinic’s laboratory. A blood analyzer, refrigerator, centrifuge and other equipment were donated to update the lab and make it more efficient.

The Mallam-Atta Clinic was established 50 years ago as a health clinic to care for the women that worked in the nearby market area. Today it is a facility for women from the area to go for immediate care or for referral to a larger medical facility.

It was obvious at the event, which included speeches and dancing, that the nurses and other caregivers at Mallam-Atta are very dedicated to their work. As Nurse Florence shared, “What’s the purpose of life if you don’t try something remarkable?”

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