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Former Ghana Ambassador Meets LDS Leaders

“When ye are in the service of your fellow being, ye are in the service of God.” Mosiah 2:17

Mrs. Edith Hazel, former Ghana Ambassador to Denmark, met with senior leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on February 14, 2018.


Her Excellency indicated her desire to continue to serve the people of Ghana and expressed gratitude for the humanitarian aid provided by the Church to support the poor and the needy.

“Your Church has made a difference in our country. Indeed, even throughout the world,” she said.  “It is my hope we can work together to bring goodness and light to many more people.”

Elder Marcus B. Nash, first counselor in the Africa West Area Presidency remarked after the meeting. “It is unusual to have public servants wanting to continue their service to mankind after their tenure in office,” he said. “I admire and respect her unending desire to serve the people, even though she has retired from public service”.

Elder Larry S. Kacher reviewed criteria for projects performed by LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of the Church. He invited Mrs. Hazel to continue meeting with Emelia Ahadjie, Director of Public Affairs, to discuss possible partnerships which would assist the people of Ghana.

Her Excellency, Mrs. Edith Hazel graduated from the University of Ghana. She assumed office as an Ambassador to Denmark in July 2014, before that she served as deputy head of Ghana’s mission in Washington D.C, U.S.A, and also as a member of parliament in 2001 for Evalue Ajomoro Gwira Constituency in the Western Region of Ghana.

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