News Release

Fresh Bread Keeps Children in School

Baking Cooperative Helps Families

LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, joined Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) of Ghana, to achieve sustainable im­prove­ments in the lives of children living on the streets in Jamestown.


The Church provides training, equipment (ovens, pans, bowls, etc.), supplies (flour, yeast, sugar, etc.) and rent needed to start a cooperative venture for making bread. Parents of the identified children are enrolled in a cooperative business effort to maximize the skills of each person involved.

SCEF research shows when parents are employed, their children remain in school, rather than roaming the streets.

“More than 800 people will be assisted through this project,” said welfare specialist, Charles Redlin, a full-time senior missionary living in Ghana. “SCEF has as a priority finding and helping children who are living on the streets. A goal of LDS Charities is to build and sustain families."

“One cause for children being on the street is because parents lack basic skills to make a living,” said Elder Redlin. “This project will assist the children, as well as their parents as they attain skills necessary for viable employment.”

Paul Semeh, Founder and Executive Director of SCEF said, “The purpose of this project is to give parents the tools they need to keep their children (and themselves) off the street. We are grateful for every donation we receive to help these children, yet sometimes a hand out is not a hand up.”

“We appreciate working with LDS Charities,” said Mr. Semeh. “They focus on teaching principles that will change lives. We believe the solution, to our street children problem, lies within the family itself.”

“Teaching parents employment skills will not only build the family, but it will make a difference in the future of many lives,” remarked Semeh.

The bread-baking cooperative will eventually allow parents to support their children, independent of help from others. The partnership will bring sustainable growth to a community in need.

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