News Release

LDS Charities Rebuilds Refugee Center 

Church helps refugees rebuild after fire

LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, provided building materials and construction expertise to rebuild a fire-ravaged community center at the Krisan Refugee Camp in Ghana recently. 

 The refurbished building will serve as a center where adults learn English skills needed to secure employment and communicate with merchants. It will also help the 1,000 refugee and asylum seekers communicate with each other at the camp. They come from Togo, Sudan, Chad, and 11 other African countries, creating a multi-national community, speaking many languages and dialects.

Camp Chairman, Soua Mohamed Nourdine said, “Communication is a barrier for us. Your Church has provided guidance and assistance to help us with this building. Because of you, we can now improve our own lives.”

Under the direction of James Kenya, a contractor hired by LDS Charities, tradesmen rebuilt the destroyed center, with members from this multi-cultural community working by their sides. 

During a ceremony celebrating the completion of the building Kenya told residents, "This center is of no value if you do not use it to improve your station in life. God has given you opportunities and you must remember to help yourself."

Martin Banerman, a government agent responsible for managing the refugee camp, expressed appreciation for the new building. “We thank God for the assistance from LDS Charities. You provided a way for the refugees to help themselves. This new center will be a source of good, for hundreds of people, for years to come.”

Elder Alvin Nay, LDS Charities welfare specialist, responded, “The funds for this project come from people just like yourselves who donate to help others.” Nay continued, “When God grants us blessings, let us look for ways to share with those around us. There are many who are in need.” 

The Ghana Refugee Board provides general oversite of the camp located in the Western Region of Ghana. Residents look to NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), for assistance.

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